Frequent Visitors Save On Walt Disney World Tickets

If you visit Walt Disney several times in a year, many might wonder how you can afford to do it. Although there isn't a real simple answer, there are many ways that frequent visitors save on Walt Disney World tickets. Here are some great tips:

  1. Buy annual passports because they enable you to visit all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks as often as you like in the year. The pass doesn't run on the calendar year so if you buy your pass in November it's good to the following November. Substantial savings here.
  2. Get a Disney Dining experience card. You can Google to find the relevant information online. It costs about $50 and it gives you a 20% discount for thirteen months on food and drinks in any of the Walt Disney World restaurants. The savings here and be huge so don't buy pass it.
  3. If you are a real good Googler, you will be able to find room discounts that can save you substantially. This includes both onsite hotels and hotels that are offsite. Some places offer annual passholders a discount. They aren't advertised so you will need to ask. There are many ways to get the discount rates but the best way is from the comfort of your desk. Just do some searching.
  4. You may not be aware of the Disney Vacation Club which is a timeshare that offers luxurious villas and studio suites on Disney premises. You can get up to 3 bedrooms. Just Google it and you'll find that you can get luxury for the price of cheap offsite hotels.
  5. Did you ever think that you could make money with your Walt Disney world tickets? You can share them with friends or family that are traveling at different times than you are. Keep your mind open.

Walt Disney World tickets make the world go round. Well at least it makes the Disney World go round for without the tickets you will not be enjoying any of the themes.

But if you visit regularly and don't take advantage of the different ways that you can save money, you may be spending a great deal more than you have to.

These five tips really only touch the surface of what you can do to get the most value on your tickets. The best thing to do is some online research. You'll be amazed at what you find. There are all kinds of deals, discounts, and even private sales that can shave hundreds if not thousands of dollars off your yearly Walt Disney World tickets and that means you have extra money to enjoy other things on your visit.

There is so much to see and do in the area that there aren't just Walt Disney World tickets, so make sure you do your research on tickets for other places you'd like to visit.

Remember, you should never have to pay full price for Walt Disney tickets.

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