The Best Time To Go To Disney World Theme Park

When you are trying to decide when the best time to go to Disney World theme park is consider the two C's – cost and crowd. Whenever you visit any major theme park, you are going to incur the two C's but there are things you can do to reduce the impact.

Let's face it - there will hardly ever be a day when a Disney World theme park doesn't have a large crowd. But if you do your homework, you can find that there are certain times throughout the year that you will have less of a crowd. You will also find your best sales during this time period because Disney is trying to entice more visitors to come.

For example, January and September are both months that are a lot less busy. That's because in December, the Christmas rush has gone home and in September, kids are back in school. Not only are you going to see less crowds it's going to cost you a lot less. As much as 50% less if you shop right and get the right discount.

Now there are pros and cons to everything and the biggest disadvantage for arriving at a Disney World theme park off-season is that there fewer festivities than during the peak times. That said there is so much to see and do here that if you don't tell the children they will never know they missed anything. Others feel it is worth the crowds and extra money just to take in these amazing festivities. You'll have to decide what's best for your family.

Another common mistake is assuming that it is going to be nice in Florida no matter when you visit a Disney World Theme Park. That is certainly not the way it is. During the summer months Orlando is often faced with extreme temperatures and severe thunderstorms that ruin an entire day. If you are faced with showers that's a great time to go inside and take break, or maybe enjoy a swim in the pool. Often the best weather is in the evening with mild temperatures so you can enjoy everything without overheating.

The great part about the weather is that off-season periods can often provide the best temperatures. Warm and sunny but not so hot that it becomes unbearable.

If you don't have a problem taking your children out of school for a trip then you can visit Disney World theme park anytime that you can get the time off and find the best price. That gives you plenty of flexibility.

Keep a close eye online for different events. When they start and when they will finish, when will there be late nights, and when will the park close earlier. For example right after Thanksgiving is a great time to visit because the crowds are gone but the Christmas decorations are already up to enjoy and there is some excellent pricing.

Your Disney World theme park vacation is going to be magical and provide you with memories of a lifetime. Just remember the two C's – cost and crowd.

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