Award Winning Walt Disney World Swan And Dolphin Resort

If you have not heard about the award Winning Walt Disney World Swan And Dolphin Resort it's time you did. It's considered the gateway to the top theme parks and attractions around the globe.

You will find this amazing resort tucked between Walt Disney World Epcot and MGM studios. It's also near to Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom.

You are going to experience luxury like never before and it will fit your budget. The impeccable services are endless. With five swimming pools, you can change your view while staying cool. When you've had enough of the pool, you can enjoy the tennis courts or visit one of the health clubs.

One of the most relaxing ventures is along the white sandy beach. And for those looking for a little romance it really is the perfect place. The sound of the waves softly lapping against the shore is a great mood setter.

When you get hungry, there is no worry. You don't just have several restaurants to choose from, you have a whopping seventeen, which means that no matter what you are in the mood for. Oh yes and be sure to check out the latest feature "the heavenly bed."

To make sure you have everything for your families every need. There is a launderette on site, convenience store, games room, business centers, kiosk, and specialty shops all that are open 24 hours a day.

With almost 1000 flights a day, you should have no problem finding a flight that works for you. Once you land, there are all kinds of transportation to the hotel. The airport is only about 20 minutes away so that's convenient for everyone.

From the hotel, you can take Disney's Friendship Launch to the Epcot center or MGM. The shuttle can take you to all the areas within the resort. It runs every 20 minutes and you can schedule your time.

When you stay at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel one day of the four the park will open an hour early and stay open three hours late just for those who are staying at the hotel. That's plenty of extra time without the crowd. You can pick up your tickets in the lobby.

Your children are going to love it when some of the Disney characters show up in the restaurant while you are eating. And they can get their picture taken with their favorite Walt Disney World character and even get some signed autographs.

If you feel some golf withdrawal coming on, good news – there's a course waiting for you. Not to worry, because there are five-championship golf course as well a nine hole walking course all within the area. Some of these courses are world renowned and very challenging.

The staff around Walt Disney World are dedicated to providing a memorable vacation for you. They will be professional and friendly and do everything to make your family get the most from your stay. The mix of cultural experiences is certain to be enlightening.

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel will be your home away from home while you experience the magic of Disney World.

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